• Decision-DigSite
    Looking out from inside the dig site from my short 'Decision Gate'
  • Desicion-Alley
    Wireframe and Render from the alley sequence of 'Decision Gate'
  • DG-Dig-Concept
    Concept work for the dig site in 'Decision Gate'
  • DigDay
    Daylight shot
  • DigNight
    Night shot from street
  • Intro-Pyramid2
    Pyramid I made for my demo reel intro
  • Pyaramid2
    Ooh, look..another pyramid
  • Apt-Room-01
    based on a real apartment I lived in
  • Apt-Kitchen-01
  • Apt-Kitchen-02
  • Apt-Sinkroom
    Coulda had another bedroom here...
  • Apt-Bath
    not much to see..toilet, bathtub
  • Apt-Patio
    I think there was mold or something on the ceiling
  • MarsHabs2
    Showing the habitat modules and greenhouses
  • TheHouse
    A spooky house
  • Drake-CaptainsCabin
    made for the game 'Drake'
  • Drake-HarbourMaster
    made for the game 'Drake'
  • HangarBSG2
    A line of Vipers waits


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