• Command-Col
    Modeled for "Invasion"
  • Command-Wire
  • CommandShip-2Grey
    Not Textures
  • SwarmFighter-Col
    Modeled for "Invasion"
  • SwarmFighter-Wire
    Der wireframe
  • Swarm-2Grey
    No Textures
  • KeS1-1
    Original Design
  • MarsColonyShip
    Modeled for "Colony" about the colonization of Mars
  • Station-B-1
    Original Design - Modeled for a short about the future of Clover Park Tech College.
    Original Design
  • MysteryUFO
    Based on a model kit that AMT released under the "Star Trek" name, even though it had nothing to with that television series
  • Viper
    from "Battlestar Galactica" (1978). I still like this design better than remake version (although those are nice)
  • FALCON001
    from "Star Wars"
  • ORION-1
    from "2001: A Space Oddessy"
  • Con-1
    from "Star Trek"
  • Con2
    from "Star Trek" Ok, everyone has to have one of these in their gallery..
  • ETransport
    from "Space-1999"
  • DockEagle
    from "Space-1999"
  • ECargo
    from "Space-1999"
  • DESLOK-001
    from "Space Cruiser Yamato" (Starblazers (us title))


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