Hello, this page has just a little personal bits about who I am.

I was born in a distant galaxy..well, I could have been..maybe. Or...maybe I was created in a lab by a mad scientist with designs on world domination, but then he forgot what he was doing and didn't finish the job...

In the late 1970's I got into Star Wars (who didn't?). I studied how they made it, and pretty much any sci-fi that came out after that (except Flash Gordon (it was a bad, bad movie)). At the time, my mother was working at a computer center. It occured to me that the computer could be used for movies...Then came Tron (yeah, admit it, you;ve seen it). After seeing that movie, I started learning computer programming in hopes to do animation (btw, a Commodore-64 is inadequate for film animation (in case you had ideas to try it)).

Around 1990 or so, we got our first Amiga-2000 ans I discovered Modeler3D and Videoscape3D...and then came the Video Toaster and Lightwave3D...I made models of the usual stuff, then got my first job making car models for various television spots and it jut went from there...

Beyond that, I live in Seattle (as of this writing), but I love to see different places. I am learning arabic, and would love to spend time over there doing 3d work and learning the cultures (Kuwait, Dubai, India, Egypt). I am bigger than a breadbox, so I have had difficulty mailing myself..but someday.

Well, if you actually took the time to read all this.....Applause....Sorry, I ran out of pie..




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