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30 sec   2.4mb

DMC mock Ad
I made this as a mock television advertisement for DeLorean Motor Company

21 sec.   6.4mb

Janitor sequence from 'Invasion'
Animated the character in Maya, the imported the animation into Lightwave3D for texturing and rendering.  The spark effect is a duplicated janitor with an animated texture.

6 sec  3.5mb

Alien Screen Test
Process in rerigging and animating a remodeled alien character from Invasion in Lightwave3D.  Also a light test using pure hdr lighting with no light sources.

1:10  5.9mb

SciFi Previs
Final mix pass from a presentation on the value of Previsualization in the production process.

28 sec   4.2mb

Lens Cutter
Forensic animation for a malpractice lawsuit where the cutting blade on the device was assembled backwards and cut too deep.  The oozing goop is just a morphed sphere.

32 sec   6mb

Forensic study of an accident where a semi trailer hits a man standing by a van.

32 sec   6mb

Model Shots
Just obligatory model spins...enjoy :)

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