• Alley-002a
    Daytime Photo
  • Alley-001
    Same alley at night
  • GermanEngineering
    Name at car...
  • Eclipse
    Had to hold shutter open a long time to get this one
  • Luxor-008
    Interesting mix of modern technology with egyptian lifestyle
  • LuxorTmpl-008
    You rarely see this part of the Temple at Luxor because it is not where people are generally allowed to go...makes you wonder if a mummy is hiding back there, eh?
  • GizaCemetery
    A modern cemetery right next to the Sphinx...I likeed how it flowed with the background here
  • Hatshepsut-000
    This is a tomb above Hatshepsut's Temple outside Luxor. Unfortunately, visitors are unable to go there.
  • MaleWidow
    Male black widow..didnt seem to mind the camera getting close
  • CrashSite
    Proof of alien incursions?


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